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   NCPower is a complete software solution (work environment) for content production on television, radio, newspapers, on the Internet and social networks. The collection of all the original news and topics from news agencies, RSS feeds, e-mail, hashtags, SMS occurs automatically.
   The source data may contain any images, video or audio files. Journalists can search and view content on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. They can also track selected hashtags or channels and receive ordered links. The system not only collects news for editorial work and news preparation, but also provides instant export of generated content to the Internet and social networks.
   The working environment is configured under the user profile, based on its functionality as amended. NCPower helps to effectively organize team collaboration on programs and news. Automation of the layout of the air day, the formation of a playlist, control over the creation of releases.
   Specialists from different departments can exchange information with each other. Background information, documents, photos, videos, contacts, messages are attached to each task. The finished material is archived.
   NCPower helps to organize and delegate tasks to one or more users, using the scheduling calendar and alerts on deadlines. The system will separate the text script from the technical information. The necessary parts of the text will go to the installation, on credits, on the prompter. NCPower stores the reading speed of each presenter. You can accurately calculate the airtime.
   The system can be integrated into any environment or workflow that supports the MOS protocol. The NCPower solution is designed to work in Windows, Linux, MacOS operating systems. There is no need to install a parallel operating system.
   Easy to use interface.
   NCPower also supports the manual and automatic export and import of materials.
   NCPower works on all platforms and supports all languages. This system is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is used both by small editorial offices and by huge television channels, governments and important state institutions of many countries.

NCPower is:

Single production environment for the entire company.
Modern scalable, modular architecture.
Automatic reception of news and media from various sources.
Single catalog and powerful archive of all company materials.
Continuous monitoring of information sources.
Powerful control system for all stages of production, people and resources.
Significant reduction in production costs.

Main features

• Work with various sources of information.
• Built-in tools for event planning.
• Powerful search engine.
• Tools for managing workflows.
• Customizable interface.
• Internal alert system and email.
• Editing of the plot one minute before going on the air.
• Instant update playlist.
• Automated control of various equipment.
• Full supervisor control over the workflow.
• Multilingual environment.
• Support any media files, subtitles, static images, production notes, comments, etc.
• Automatic or manual filling of plot metadata.
• Spellchecking.
• Convenient text interface.
• Plots lock system.
• Collaborative, multi-user work on airtime schedules.
• Support for unlimited number of schedules.
• Sighting system for assigning appropriate statuses to schedule elements.
• Change the order of the material on the air in the broadcast process.
• Insert emergency news to any place, at any time.
• Multi-language support.
• Automatic archiving.