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BOOKING - This is a professional modern system for working with commercials for various fields of application. It allows you to create databases of commercials, advertising agents and customers, plan advertising campaigns and keep financial records, create various reports and control all the nuances in working with advertising.


BOOKING is part of the overall NCPower software platform.

Basic properties
  1. Database of agencies and / or clients (system users)

    • Bank details (mail, bank, legal information, list of employees)

  2. Database of contracts

    • Advertiser Card

    • Transaction passport

    • Advertising campaign (type of placement. Discounts and ratios, scheduling, other conditions, budget, placement conditions by ratings, target audience, etc.)

  3. Database of videos

    • Videos can have versions in time and in characteristics

    • Type classifier

  4. Financial statements

    • Invoices for payment

    • Ether report

    • Acts of acceptance of work

  5. Programs (grid from the channel)

    • List of programs with all technical data and annotations

    • Program Categories

    • Audience

    • The amount of advertising time

    • Advance planning for ad units

  6. Price list

    • Price terms

    • Timing Terms

    • Raitings

    • Multicurrency

    • Rates

    • Program types

  7. Ratings

    • Getting Ratings

    • Programming

    • Price ratio

  8. As-Run Log

  9. Air monitoring

    • Automatic recording

    • Sync with As-Run Log

    • Report generation

Functional diagram
  1. Formation of the grid

    • Choosing a program for advertising (with airing dates, placement planning)

    • Adding annotations to the program

    • Adding Ratings

    • Connection of prices in compliance with all rules 

    • Formation of advertising blocks (block type, header, splash screen, interruption, timing, number within the program, linking different types of blocks to each other)

    • Block output time correction

    • Operations with grids in different ways (copy, move, delete, create new ones)

    • User Level Locking Mechanism

    • Final grid lock

  2. Purchase

    • Reservation of advertising spots by time, type, volume, placement hierarchy (priorities), the ability to auction

    • Automatic and manual placement (by rating, by program, by time)

    • Placement Calculators

    • Campaign preliminary planning calculator.

    • Price list (interaction, the use of coefficients by type of placement)

    • Group operations

    • Notification and labeling system.

  3. Locks

    • Scheduled user access

    • Operations after blocking (additional placement, cancellation, other adjustments)

    • Monitoring compliance with planned time and allocated

  4. Playlist Formation

    • Block formation (list + files)

    • Block formation conditions (block spacing of equally classified videos, etc.)

    • Automatic and manual playlist control (making changes)

  5. Channel upload

    • Export in the format of the selected broadcast channel (corresponding file types)

    • Automatic formation of folders with files with the appropriate numbering and according to the rules (adding caps, interruptions, design).

    • Automatic block readiness notification

  6. Other functionality at the request of the Customer.


And even more...